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Butterfield International Compliance and Consulting serves small and mid-sized companies. We educate, train and advise on international import and export compliance.  We help our clients develop efficient processes, maximize their value and minimize the risks associated with international compliance

Our Services

Our Servuces
Basic  Training Package 

Just getting started with your first exports or imports?  Basic training helps simplify and structure a process.

Custom Export Compliance Plan (ECP)

Is it time to write your Export Compliance Plan (ECP) and you don't have the staff or expertise? We'll co-write it with you.

Hands On Consulting for Exporters 

Need a hands on trainer to study your specific process and products?

This training is live and on site.

FTA Package:

Free Trade Agreements like NAFTA got your head spinning?  Let us help you sort it all out. 

What people are saying
“Kelly is very knowledgeable and reliable.  She has the resources to find a solution to any foreign trade issues that we encounter.”
                            -      John Perry, Logistics Manager, Hussey Seating Co, ME
"Kelly Butterfield worked with our company for several years while she was the International Representative for UPS.  She was always professional and proactive, and led us through the proper set-up to save us quite a lot of money on international exporting, in our case primarily to Canada.  We look forward to working with her now that she has established her own company."                         

    -      Carolyn Fetter, Specialized Care Company, Hampton, NH


Ready to find out more?

Do you want to understand US policies and procedures before you make costly mistakes.  Whether you are starting from the beginning with basic training or ramping up a detailed training program for your specific needs, Butterfield ICC can help.

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