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Basic Training Packages 

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Export Training Package 

  • Gain an understanding of your export compliance obligations.

  • Learn the US government’s AES filing requirements.

  • Gain familiarity with US Schedule B codes, Harmonized Tariff Codes and how to classify your commodities.

  • Begin to understand terminology like “commodities requiring a license”, as well as terms such as ECCN, EAR 99 and NLR.  

  • Review examples of required export documents required at time of shipping.

    This training is performed on-site over 5 to 6 hours 
    *Class size up to 10 employees

Import Training Package 

  • Gain a clear understanding of US policies and how to avoid delays and possible tax penalties. 

  • Learn whether your commodity requires a license to import

  • Understand how to look up your harmonized tariff code so you can determine the potential duty rate

  • Be prepared with the proper paperwork

    • Determine any other potential fees involved with importing your goods like MPF, bond fees, etc.

    • Set up a process so you're always prepared

    • Know what the gov't requires for record keeping.


         This training is performed on-site over 5 to 6 hours
           *Class size up to 10 employees

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