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Custom Export Compliance Plan (ECP):

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  • This service includes the creation of an export compliance manual.  

  • According to the BIS, an export compliance manual, “analyses pieces of information and individual decisions, and builds them into an organized, integrated system. It is a program that can be established to manage export-related decisions and transactions to ensure compliance with the EAR.”

  • The creation of your ECP can range in scope significantly based upon these and other factors:

    • The type of commodities being exported

    • Whether commodities require a license or not (NLR) or require dual usage license  

    • The number of commodities with export potential

    • How often the commodities being exported change

    • The value of an average shipment and the size of your organization.  

*Please contact us for further insight into pricing for your company.  Fees to create a manual, provided in MS Word custom quoted.

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