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Hands On Consulting for Exporters 

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

  • Discuss and review your company’s current, specific processes with various members of your team.  

  • Jointly analyse and document all current processes. 


  • Gain a working understanding of all specific compliance steps including:

    • Receipt of an international sales order  

    • Compliance screening obligations

    • Preparation of documents

    • AES filing requirements

    • The shipping preparation process

  • Develop a game plan for effectiveness, efficiency and cost savings.  Included with our Level 2 package is  a follow up appointment with your point person/people to discuss our findings and suggest ways to become more compliant with the US Government’s demands, become more efficient internally or both.  

 * This training is performed on site over 2 to 3 days - Our Introductory Training is a prerequisite to Level 2 Consulting


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