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Why Butterfield ICC?

We Care that you get this right

You must follow the basic requirements for shipping internationally.  Companies often don’t know where to start.  They either take the plunge with no training and learn the hard way, or they overspend with large compliance firms.  Butterfield ICC strives to take what seems overwhelming to our clients and turn it into a simple and well-tailored program.  We help our clients achieve a process.  We want you to have well defined steps that when followed, lead to outstanding economic paybacks on investments.  We want to help protect you from mistakes and costly surprises such as government fines, delayed shipments, loss of clients, etc.

Ninety-five percent of consumers live outside the U.S.
  • Is it always a scramble at the end of the day when you need to ship an international order?

  • Are you struggling when asked your commodity’s US Schedule B number?  If it requires a license?  What’s the ECCN?  How to file AES and is it even required?

  • Are you confident that your paperwork is accurate?

  • Do you realize that you are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of your documents? 

  • What are the chances that your important international shipment will be delayed, before it even leaves the US?

  • How about your export compliance process?  Do you even have one?

  • Did you know that the US government mandates specific steps to be taken, before you can ship internationally?  Significant fines can and will be administered, for the protection and safety of the US.

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